Before we dig to deep into what ‘Be the planet’ can become, I should clarify that ‘the planet’ in this case is this one, earth.

The words ‘Be the planet’ belong to all of us. Go for it. Put it on a shirt or bumper sticker.

As a baseline, can we all agree that we put the same individual effort into getting here on that first day of life? I had no agenda the day before birth. Did you? (our parents may have had an agenda for us; a discussion for another time).

The earth is 260 billion cubic miles or (1 trillion cubic km). There’s just under 8 billion of us in 2021. Dividing 8 billion into 260 billion we get roughly 33. Roughly 33 cubic miles per capita. That’s a good chunk.

Did any of us deserve to be born? If we deserve to be born then justice was done because justice is getting what we deserve. Grace on the other hand is getting what we don’t deserve while mercy is not getting what we do deserve. So which is it? Does it matter? Can it be all three? Is it possible to deserve and not deserve the same thing simultaneously?

Equality often sounds like a worn out word. There’s to many variables for us all to feel equal in the myriad layers of our global economic onion. [Insert 10 millennium of human history here].

With that in mind, ‘be the planet’ sets its course on the emotional layer of that economic onion. The currency is empathy. We each get 1 share. The value of each share is a reflection of the character we present to each other.


  1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

In a just world, if any of us deserve to be alive, then we all – all eight billion of us – deserve a fair share of this place in heart and mind, regardless of our status.

P.S. You don’t get to pick the location of your 33 cubic miles unless you can lift it 😉

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